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Alien Milk Hill mandala crop circle rainbow fractal ufo mystery caleidoscope

Alien Milk Hill mandala crop circle rainbow fractal ufo mystery caleidoscope

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An alien mandala crop circle patch ...

Easily attachable on any cloth or bag.

Also great as decoration on an table or wall.

Of course the patch is machine washable.

every piece of art has been made without computer technology.

~19cm diameter ~ 7.5 inches
colours used are glowing in blacklight


In the depths of space, so vast and wide,
Lies a universe of secrets, waiting to be untied,
And among the stars, a federation of light,
Guides us on a journey, towards healing and insight.

Their ships of silver, they travel through the skies,
A beacon of hope, as they pass us by,
And in the fields, the crop circles they leave,
A message of beauty, a cosmic reprieve.

Sacred geometry, it dances in the air,
A symphony of patterns, so beyond compare,
A language of the universe, it speaks to our soul,
A force of love and light, that makes us whole.

Their higher intelligence, it guides us through the night,
A force of beauty, that opens up our sight,
It expands our consciousness, and shows us the way,
Towards a brighter future, where love holds sway.

So let us open up our hearts and minds,
To the beauty of this cosmic kind,
Let us embrace the love and light,
And soar with them, into the night.

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Charles Kertzmann
the best ever for alien

the best ever for alien