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Attributes crop circle rainbow fractal art patch

Attributes crop circle rainbow fractal art patch

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A crop circle patch with rainbow fractal mandala...

Easily attachable on any cloth or bag.

Also great as decoration on an table or wall.

Of course the patch is machine washable.

every piece of art has been made without computer technology.

~18cm diameter
colours used are glowing in blacklight


In the vast expanse of the cosmic sea,
Beyond our world, a mystery,
There lies a force of higher mind,
That seeks to heal, to help us find.

Through sacred geometry and crop circles too,
Their message comes, clear and true,
A language of symbols and shapes so divine,
That speaks to us from beyond the line.

And in their ships, so sleek and bright,
They travel here, through space and light,
A presence felt, but yet unseen,
A force that guides, a loving dream.

Their higher intelligence, beyond our own,
Expands our minds, helps us to grow,
To see the world in a different way,
To love and cherish, each and every day.

So let us open our hearts and minds,
To this cosmic force, so pure and kind,
Let us embrace their message of love,
And soar with them, to the heavens above.

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