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Ayahuasca Patch Red Yage Visionary Artwork

Ayahuasca Patch Red Yage Visionary Artwork

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You can apply the patch on any T-Shirt, Bag etc. or
use it as decoration on the table/altar or wall.

Of course it is machine washable.

every piece of art has been made without computer technology.

~20cm diameter
colours used are glowing in blacklight

Deep in the heart of the jungle's embrace,
Lies a sacred space of time and space,
Where Ayahuasca calls out her name,
And seekers come to heal their pain.

The brew, it swirls and beckons forth,
A mystical journey of the north,
Where higher beings and aliens abound,
And healing powers are truly found.

The Shipibo shamans, with their rhythmic chants,
Create a magic, a healing dance,
With visionary patterns, so divine,
That open the heart and free the mind.

The music, it rises to the skies,
A symphony of sound and light that flies,
And fills the soul with love and grace,
A healing balm that we embrace.

For in this journey, we find our way,
To a higher plane, a brighter day,
Where the universe reveals its truth,
And we are blessed with eternal youth.

So let us embrace this sacred space,
And let Ayahuasca guide our grace,
For in this healing journey, we find,
A beauty that transcends the mind.

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