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Ayahuasca Shipibo Conibo Patch Visionary DMT Artwork with variations

Ayahuasca Shipibo Conibo Patch Visionary DMT Artwork with variations

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You can apply the patch on any T-Shirt, Bag etc. or
use it as decoration on the table/altar or wall.

Of course it is machine washable.

every piece of art has been made by hand without computer technology.

~20cm diameter
colours used are glowing in blacklight


In the Amazon, the jungle deep,
Lies a world of magic, a world to keep,
Where the sacred ayahuasca vine,
Guides us to a healing of divine.

The aliens watch from high above,
Their presence felt, a message of love,
As we journey deep into the self,
Their wisdom guides, like a precious wealth.

And as the shipibo shamans sing,
Their healing music, a divine offering,
We see the patterns, the visionary art,
A beauty that touches the deepest part.

For in this sacred space of healing light,
We find our way to a path so bright,
Our spirits lifted, our hearts renewed,
Our connection to all, now fully viewed.

The higher intelligence, it guides us on,
Through the darkness, to the dawn,
A journey of healing, a journey of grace,
A sacred space, a holy place.

So let us embrace this healing way,
And let the ayahuasca guide our day,
For in this magic of the sacred vine,
We find our way to a world divine.

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