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Ayahuasca T-Shirt Shipibo Conibo DMT Psychedelic Artwork Yage embroidery

Ayahuasca T-Shirt Shipibo Conibo DMT Psychedelic Artwork Yage embroidery

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Every Shirt is made by hand and therefore unique.

Please wash the Shirt before to wear it, it is mashine washable.

If you wear this on a party under blacklight it becomes a real eyecatcher...

Enjoy! :)


Deep in the Amazon, where the jungle thrives,
There lies a medicine that truly revives,
Ayahuasca, a sacred brew so pure,
A portal to higher realms, a spiritual cure.

In this ancient ritual, the shaman leads,
As the medicine takes hold and the spirit feeds,
The visions come, a cosmic dance of light,
As higher intelligence reveals itself in sight.

The aliens come, with knowledge so divine,
Their wisdom, a treasure for all time,
They guide us through the patterns and the lines,
As we journey into the unknown confines.

And the music, oh how it sings,
The Shipibo shamans, they spread their wings,
Their voices rise, their chants so pure,
As they create a magic, a vision so sure.

The patterns swirl, they dance and twirl,
As the medicine works its healing curl,
The wounds of the soul, they start to mend,
As the spirit journeys to its true end.

So let us embrace this cosmic dance,
As we journey into the spiritual expanse,
With the ayahuasca as our guide,
And the higher intelligence by our side.

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