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ayahuasca visions patch

ayahuasca visions patch

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The design is showing visionary patterns.

Its origin is in the peruvian amazon where
we brought from indigenous Shipibo Conibo people their
artwork to make later this patch out of it.

~9cm diameter

blacklight active

In the heart of the jungle, amidst the trees so tall,
There lies a sacred ceremony, a healing for one and all,
Where the medicine of ayahuasca flows,
And the wisdom of the universe, it knows.

For in this sacred brew, a power lies,
A portal to the beyond, where magic flies,
Where higher intelligence rules supreme,
And the mysteries of the universe, they beam.

And in this space, where magic dwells,
The shipibo shamans weave their spells,
Their songs, they fill the air with light,
Their rhythms, they guide us through the night.

For in the music of the shaman's drum,
A vision of the universe, it does become,
A pattern of beauty, a pattern of grace,
That fills our hearts and lifts our face.

And as we journey through this space,
The aliens of the universe, they grace,
Our hearts and minds with love and light,
And guide us through the darkness of the night.

For in this sacred ceremony of the soul,
We find a healing power that makes us whole,
A connection to the divine, that sets us free,
And fills our hearts with love eternally.

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Customer Reviews

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Nodframe And Jenkins Hayes
This design is *exactly* what I saw when I...

This design is *exactly* what I saw when I was “there.” I've never seen a pattern that more closely resembles the transition. Alex Grey's “Net of Being” is the only other artwork that nails my experiences like this does. I put the patch on my cut to always remind me that this is not base reality, and to remind me that all is love. Thank you, thank you! 🙏

Sam Wolff
Beautiful artwork and quality material.

Beautiful artwork and quality material.

Nodframe And Jenkins Hayes
This is really good quality! Thanks so mu...

This is really good quality! Thanks so much!

Gary Conn
Beautiful design and excellent craftsmansh...

Beautiful design and excellent craftsmanship

Corey Stamm
This is a great patch, it's perfect. Selle...

This is a great patch, it's perfect. Seller was prompt in response and kind.