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full blacklight flower of life patch small size embroidery artwork sacred geometry for sew on

full blacklight flower of life patch small size embroidery artwork sacred geometry for sew on

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This flower of life embroidery patch an be applied by sewing on,
or you can simply attach it instantaneously with textile glue.

Enjoy to decorate your sacred space :-)

Of course the patch is machine washable and colors are very durable.

Imagine, every embroidery piece we offer
has been made by hand without computer technology...

~8cm diameter / ~3.2 inch
some colors are glowing in blacklight

By purchasing this you are supporting our growing Bicycle Day Tribe Family... ;-)

~9cm diameter / 3,5 inches

Lines are glowing in UV blacklight


In the heart of the universe's design
Lies a symbol of beauty that's truly divine
The flower of life, with its intricate lines
Holds the secret of creation, a wonder so fine

From the center it radiates, spreading its light
A matrix of geometry, so precise and so bright
A perfect pattern, born from a single seed
Growing, expanding, fulfilling its creed

Each circle, each petal, a part of the whole
A cosmic dance, a symphony of soul
From the smallest flower to the galaxies above
The sacred geometry reminds us of love

For in its form lies the blueprint of creation
A reminder of our own divine relation
To the beauty, the wonder, the mystery of life
And the energy that keeps us shining bright

So let us honor the flower of life with care
For in its essence, we find the magic we share
A symbol of unity, of peace and of grace
Bringing us back to the beauty of original space.

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Patrick Zemlak
I bought these to resupply for a project....

I bought these to resupply for a project. They're every bit as great in person as they are in the picture.