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galactic federation crop circle patch

galactic federation crop circle patch

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Attachable on any cloth or bag through sewing or textile glue

Also great as decoration on a table or wall.

Of course the patch is machine washable.

every piece of art has been made without computer technology.

~18cm diameter
colors used are glowing in UV blacklight


Beyond the reaches of our earthly sky,
A realm of wonder, where secrets lie,
There lies a world of mystic grace,
Where healing and knowledge interlace.

Sacred geometry, in patterns pure,
Crop circles formed, in beauty sure,
Each line and curve, a cosmic sign,
Of higher knowledge, so divine.

And ships of metal, in colors bright,
Arrive to guide us, in our sight,
With beings wise, of other lands,
Whose knowledge, vast, beyond our hands.

Their eyes aglow, with love so true,
Their hearts, so pure, they offer you,
A gift of insight, a cosmic kiss,
A journey to the stars, of endless bliss.

And in their presence, we feel the call,
To rise above, and break the walls,
Of earthly limits, and human fears,
And soar to heights, beyond our years.

For in this realm, of cosmic grace,
We find the path, to a higher place,
Where love and wisdom, intertwine,
And consciousness expands, in endless shine.

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