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Red Aum Mandala embroidery Patch Cosmic Music Yantra psytrance goa oldschool symbol

Red Aum Mandala embroidery Patch Cosmic Music Yantra psytrance goa oldschool symbol

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A deeply cosmic red AUM Mandala embroidery patch :)

You can apply this beauty on anything by sewing on,
or you can simply attach it instantaneously with textile glue.

Enjoy to decorate your life and space :-)

Of course the patch is machine washable and colors are very durable.

Imagine, every embroidery piece we offer
has been made by hand without computer technology...

~18cm diameter / ~7 inches
some colors are glowing in blacklight

By purchasing this you are supporting our growing Bicycle Day Tribe Family... ;-)


In the vast expanse of space and time,
A cosmic music flows sublime.
AUM, the sound that permeates all,
From the core of existence to every little thrall.

With each passing moment, it reverberates,
Echoes of creation, from the void it creates.
A universal rhythm that weaves us all,
In a tapestry of life, we stand tall.

From galaxies to stars, from planets to earth,
This cosmic music rings with immense worth.
A symphony of sound, a cosmic tone,
That heals our minds and souls, and makes us whole.

It speaks to us in whispers and roars,
In the rustle of leaves, in the waves on shores.
It echoes in our hearts, in every beat,
AUM, the cosmic music, a melodious treat.

In its embrace, we find peace and calm,
As it heals our wounds with its gentle balm.
It fills us with hope, and lifts us high,
In the cosmic music, we find our sky.

So let us dance to its rhythm and sway,
And bask in its glory, night and day.
For the cosmic music heals our minds and souls,
And makes us one with the universe's goals.

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