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Santa Maria Ayahuasca Patch Marihuana Cannabis handmade embroidery 7.5 inch

Santa Maria Ayahuasca Patch Marihuana Cannabis handmade embroidery 7.5 inch

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Two major medicines of nature, Cannabis and Ayahuasca,
show themselves as one in this beautiful piece of art

You can apply this masterpiece on anything by sewing on,
or you can simply attach it instantaneously with textile glue.

Enjoy to decorate your psychedelic space :-)

Of course the patch is machine washable and colors are very durable.

Imagine, every embroidery piece we offer
has been made by hand without computer technology...

~19cm long / ~7,5 inches
many colors are glowing like an eye candy in blacklight

By purchasing this you are supporting our growing Bicycle Day Tribe Family... ;-)


Through the depths of the jungle's green,
And the fields of the earth's serene,
Lie the secrets of the sacred plants,
Healing the soul, mending its rants.

Ayahuasca and cannabis, their names,
A pathway to healing, a journey to claim,
To find the answers, within the mind,
And awaken the heart, that's been confined.

With every sip and every smoke,
The sacred plants, they do evoke,
A sense of peace, a newfound love,
A connection to all that's above.

The visions come, the thoughts unfold,
As the medicines do their work so bold,
The body, the mind, they begin to heal,
A journey of transformation, so surreal.

The memories, the fears, they all come out,
The pain, the trauma, we begin to route,
And in their place, a sense of clarity,
A path to healing, so necessary.

For the sacred plants, they hold the key,
To unlocking the mind, and setting it free,
A journey of healing, a path to explore,
A world of love, we've been yearning for.

So let us honor the sacred medicines,
And the power they hold, within,
For they are a gift, from the earth so pure,
A path to healing, forevermore.

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